5 comments on “IE11 on Windows 10 not Displaying Certain Graphics

  1. Good to know. I know there are a few minor differences between the Win7 version and Win10 version. I think they also changed something with the way IFrames use memory. In Win7 it seems for some pages (some parts of ServiceNow in our case) the thing just eats through a measurably larger amount of memory and doesn’t free it or garbage collect the same way as Win 10.

    We also had a graphics driver issue in Win 10 LTSB 2015 (kind of relating to IE) with our Latitude 7350s that was causing previously allocated graphics memory to never be garbage collected. The workaround was to disable hardware rendering in IE, Chrome, and Office. Seems like there’s been a lot less driver issues with 2016 LTSB.


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  3. I cannot find Computer Configuration à Policies à Admin Templates à System à Mitigation Options à Untrusted Font Blocking. Can you tell me where to find this?


    • It’s under your Local Group Policy settings. If you do not have a Pro or Enterprise version of Windows, you will probably need to set it via the registry manually.


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